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Designed and Developed by Green Leaf Constructions, Town Apartments is a state of the art modern residential apartment complex located in the heart of Rawalpindi. Being situated on the 6th Road, it has a unique location advantage and can be accessed within a 5 minute drive from every major location in Rawalpindi. The project is a marvel of architectural design and is being executed on a very rapid pace.

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Town Apartments Logo

The logo of Town Apartments has been developed to symbolize growth, like that of a budding flower. The design has been made using "cut out curves" that gives a sense of depth and perspective. 

The Central Mast has been designed to reflect a building, and the font selection has been done in accordance with the ultra modern facade of the building. 

The elevation of the Project is modern and minimalist. Following the same guidelines, the logo and the color themes of the project have been given minimalist design elements. 

Town Apartments Elevation

construction updates

The Town Apartments construction site is operating on 24/7 basis. The apartments complex will be ready and delivered well ahead of time. Currently the 3rd floor lanter work has been completed. 

To get regular updates about the development status of the project you can follow the Facebook Page Town Apartments. 
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