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Islamabad is the Federal Capital of Pakistan, and it has all the ministries and governmental setups. The greater Islamabad and Rawalpindi region has a population well in excess of 3.0 Million, and despite this huge population, there is not a single proper astronomy observatory or science museum for the general public. Islamabad Astronomy Society, is being managed and operated by the same team as Pak Astronomers Islamabad.

Keeping in view the grim situation, we have started out to provide the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi a chance to view the cosmos and wonder at the amazing advancements science has made to give a window in to the workings of the universe. At Islamabad Astronomy Society, we have started to conduct free public observation sessions, which wil allow the general public access to modern telescopes, and give them exposure and awareness about astronomy and science. 

NOTE: Islamabad Astronomy Society, is not a registered entity, this is just an attempt to create a group of like minded people who wish to explore the cosmos and the wonders of this universe, using telescopes.
2021-certificate IAS-01
International Observe the Moon Night 2021 - Islamabad.

Islamabad Astronomy Society along with Pak Astronomers Islamabad, organized the International Observe the Moon Night in Islamabad. The event was also held in accordance with the global NASA event. The event was attended by a large number of enthusiastic participants, who enjoyed observing not just the moon but other objects as well. 

In total there were 5 telescopes at the event. Images from the event are shared here. The event was held in F-9 Park (Fatima Jinnah Park) Islamabad, on the 16th of October, 2021. 

Inauguration of observatory at Shakar Pariyan, Islamabad

On 12th April, 2021 the then Minister for Science and Technology Ch. Fawad Hussain laid the foundation stone for the establishment of an observatory at Shakar Pariyan, Islamabad. 

The CDA has provided the land for this project, and the Pakistan Science Foundation has been involved in the design of the observatory. 

Members of Pak Astronomers Islamabad, attended the event. At the event the Vice President of Pak Astronomers, Dr Farrukh presented the group's perspective about the development of the project.

Since the ceremony, no further works have been carried out at the site, if there are any updates, the administration of Islamabad Astronomy Society will update this page.