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Rahman Enclave Islamabad

Ever since its inception and CDA NOC in 2019, plots for sale at Rahman Enclave have been limited in numbers. The plots for sale at Rahman Enclave fall in to one of many categories. At any given time there are almost 10 to 20 plots available for sale at Rahman Enclave. The project is the only one to obtain CDA NOC within the Zone IV of Islamabad.

The plots for sale at Rahman Enclave can be divided in to various categories depending upon the location and vicinity at the project site. Having a clear list of all the plots available at any given time is difficult, as plots owners often change their mind about the sale of a plots, and often the plots are sold out very quickly. Therefore, at any given time there can be up to 10 or even 20 plots for sale. 

25 x 50 - 5 Marla Plot At Rahman Enclave

25 x 50 or 5 Marla plot size in the highest in-demand plot size at Rahman Enclave. This plot size is ideal for small families, and the fact that at Rahman Enclave, most of the houses have a basement, means that even in this size of the plot there are up to 5 bedrooms. Therefore it also becomes an ideal option for many larger families. 

Currently the number of 25x50 plots available for sale is quite low. To get the best options available please get in touch on the given number. 

30 x 60 - 8 Marla Plot at Rehman Enclave

In Islamabad the most sought after plot size is 30x60. In the town plans or layout maps of various projects, the most common plot is the 30x60 plot size. This is because of the fact that 30x60 plot size gives the most flexibility in design of houses and living options.

Making a 30x60 house is also not very expensive and at the same time it enables a comfortable family living style. The rooms are not constricted, give an ambiance of a larger property while the drawing and dinning and living space are not compromised. Overall, the most preferred living option is the 30x60 plot size. 

In Rahman Enclave, the number of 30x60 plots is quite limited. Therefore, we advise you to get in touch with our team as soon as possible, as these plots will soon be sold out and will not be available in resale, as this plot size is ideal for construction of houses.

35 x 70 10 Marla Plot at Rahman Enclave

The highest number of plots at Rahman Enclave are 35x70 plots. Therefore, naturally the number of plots which are available for sale at Rahman Enclave tends to have the highest number of plots from this category. The 10 Marla (35x70) category is the most preferred category of plots at Rahman Enclave. The highest number of plots constructed at Rahman Enclave fall in this category. 


To get the most exclusive, and ideal location plots Plots For Sale at Rahman Enclave, please contact the below number


40 x 80 (14 marla) & 50 x 90 (1 kanal)

plots at Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave has two larger sizes for luxury living, the 14 Marla plot size or 40x80 plot size and the 1 Kanal Plot size. These plots are available for sale, as the demand for these plots is relatively lower as compared to the bigger plot sizes. As the project gets more and more houses, the ratio of new homes in the larger category is gradually starting to increase. However due to the higher construction costs due to a greater covered area, the number of houses being constructed in the larger plot sizes is still relatively lower. 

A bigger plot area has an advantage, the price per marla goes down. The current price of these plots can be requested by calling on the number given above. 


Rahman Enclave is a leading gated community of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. On this page, we will discuss in detail what the project has to offer, the payment plan of Rahman Enclave and how you can become a part of this amazing society. First of all, let us explain to you the location of Rahman Enclave.

Rahman Enclave - The Location

It is very difficult to find a good location to live in. Expensive cities such as Islamabad make it even harder. Today, the average price of plots in Islamabad has sky rocketed. Rahman Enclave Islamabad, is an ideal gated community which offer the living standards and experience of Islamabad. Due to its amazing location, Rahman Enclave Islamabad is an ideal option for living in Islamabad.

 Although it may seem like that there are plenty of options to choose from, when we analyse any option on its merits, we find that housing projects like Rahman Enclave are extremely rate.

The best thing about Rahman Enclave is its proximity to the following land marks:

- Located less than 2 KMs from Islamabad Expressway and Khanna Interchange.

The project is located literally in the middle of Islamabad, this is a central place when it comes to travelling from Islamabad or Rawalpindi, and this location advantage gives Rahman Enclave an unmatchable edge.

- Located close to Hospitals

The Lehtrar Road, on which Rahman Enclave is situated has a number of high quality private and public health facilities within a short diving distance. 

- Located In Vicinity of Top Educational Institutes  

Top quality schools such as Roots Millennium and Silver oaks are located in the close proximity of Rahman Enclave. The society itself has an approved plot for a school which will be constructed in due course of time.

Apart from that Universities such as COMSATS are also located close by, thereby ensuring that your family and children have easy access to the best quality of education available in Pakistan. 

Rahman Enclave Location Map

Rahman Enclave Location Map

The above location map show that Rahman Enclave is uniquely located in the Center of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and has drive times of less than 20 minutes from any place within the twin cities. Another great location advantage that Rahman Enclave enjoys is the fact that it has dual access from both Islamabad Expressway and Park Road, via the Lehtrar Road. 

Rahman Enclave Payment Plan

Rahman Enclave offers a unique opportunity to purchase ready for construction plots, and prime real estate in Islamabad. Owing to its amazing location, Rahman Enclave's plot prices are set to give a return on investment in excess of 20% to 30% within the next year. 

Hurry up and get your self a plot in the most secure gated community of Islamabad.  As the project is 100% completed, and already families are residing inside Rahman Enclave, therefore Rahman Enclave Plot Prices change frequently. Over the last few months, the prices have increased by as much as 20% !

  • Fully developed plots, ready for possession
  • Underground water supply
  • IESCO NOC Approved, Electric Meters Installed
  • Community Mosque and Grave Yard

Currently the following CDA NOC Approved plots sizes are available at Rahman Enclave. For details about the payment plan, payment options and to book your plot in Rahman Enclave, call now on the given number:

Rahman Enclave Plot Prices are subject to change as per the demand of Plots, only limited options are available! 

Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme Features

Electric Connections
IESCO NOC Approved Electric Meters are installed with underground electricity wiring. 
Water Supply
Soceity Managed Water Supply with underground water tank as well as overhead water storage.
NayaTel Internet
FTTH (High Speed Fiber Optic) connections available, network deployed underground by NayaTel.
24/7 Security
24/7 Manned Security with around the clock CCTV monitoring of the entire project.
Sui Gas (SNGPL)
Underground network deployed for Sui Gas by SNGPL, Gas available. NOC Approved by SNGPL.
Gated Community
Completely gated community with only single entry and exit from Main Lehtrar Road.


The Layout Plan of Rahman Enclave has been developed by The Urban Solutions, the Master Planning and Design Consultants of Rahman Enclave, Islamabad. The project has been granted NOC Approval, by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) back in the year 2019. To verify the NOC of Rahman Enclave, you can click this link.

To view the complete layout map of the project please click on the image below. 

Layout Plan of Rahman Enclave

Amenities and Features of Rahman Enclave

Sports Complex At Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave is an ideal gated community, which has all the features and amenities for a modern and luxurious life style. As per the requirements of modern living, Rahman Enclave has a family park, as well as a sports complex, which is exclusively built for the residents of Rahman Enclave. 

Along with these life style amenities the project has an open air gym, and plans to operate a gym exclusively for females in the near future. The location of these gyms is also in the sports complex of Rahman Enclave. 

Sports Complex of Rahman Enclave
Mosque Naseem Rahman Enclave

Naseem Masjid Rahman Enclave

Having CDA NOC means that Rahman Enclave has all the requirements for a gated community. The project has a spacious central mosque, which can easily accommodate the requirements of Rahman Enclave. 

The Mosque has been given the Name of "Naseem Masjid" the management of Rahman Enclave. 

The Masjid has recently been opened for prayers and worship, and very soon it will be opened for Friday prayers as well.

Rahman Enclave Monument

The main round about of Rahman Enclave has been decorated with a grand monument, designed by The Urban Solutions.

The monument has been developed the reflect Islamic architecture, and when seen from above the monument symbolizes a flower. 

Currently, Rahman Enclave is one of the few gated communities with CDA NOC Approval in Zone IV of Islamabad, and the main boulevard where the monument has been constructed, is 100 Ft wide. The current rates of the plots available at Rahman Enclave can be inquired from Khawar Ali Sher, the Marketing Manager of the Project.

Rahman Enclave Monument