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Proptech the way forward for Real Estate Marketing


"Proptech" is the shot form for "Property and Technology", just like Fintech stands for Financial technology services. Proptech is set to be the future of real estate, and more specifically the way forward for Real Estate Marketing and selling. 

Proptech encompasses a number of key concepts:

  • Use of data, online survey's and statistics based research for decision making. 
  • Use of digital marketing tools for reaching the best target market.
  • Applications such as "Augmented Reality" and "Virtual Reality" to educate prospects about a property or a location. 
  • Digital property exchanges and portals such as

Proptech Services

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing integration in to the marketing campaign is the fundamental step towards developing a comprehensive proptech based strategy.

Developing a CRM for managing inbound marketing queries, sales, invoices, customer interactions and the all important direct sales contact center.  

Finally, the development of Virtual Reality platforms, Augmented Reality and online portals for interaction and virtual visits. Along with an integrated CRM and database management. 


research based reports and strategy

At SherCorp we provide you with research based reports, which monitor the latest trends and developments in the real estate sector. The reports are updated on a weekly basis, and are based on contineous feedback forms that we keep on running in targeted segments of the population.