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AIR University WSW 2020


Khawar has a passion for results. To achieve goals and deliver beyong expectations. His passion is Astronomy and over the years, he has engaged thousands of people in Astronomy awareness campagins. 

MBA From IBA Karachi

Khawar has done his masters in Business Administration from the prestigious Institute of Business Administration, at Karachi. His year of graduation is 2014. 

OVER 10 years of experience

From 2009 to present day, Khawar has over 10 years of Marketing, Business Development and general management experience. To add to that, he has been the marketing consultant to anumber of real estate projects and freelancing on every major platform.

Astronomy - A Hobby!

He has a passion for Astronomy, and over the years he has arranged more than 50 observation events all over Pakistan. From the last 6 years, he is the General Secretary of Pak Astronomers Islamabad. Recently, he has also started a new venture by the name of Astro Adventures. 

Extensive Marketing Experience!

Khawar has worked with PTCL and has been the Marketing Manager of Rahman Enclave from inception of the housing project. He has over 10 years of experience of Marketing and Business Development.

Logo of Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave - November 2015 to Present

Marketing Manager Rahman Enclave, developed the brand from scratch! 


PTCL - June 2014 to September 2015

Assistant Manager - Business Development in Carrier and Wholesale. 

Astro Adventures Islamabad

Astro Adventures Islamabad

A start-up focusing on bringing a telescope to the hands of all the kids in Pakistan!

Real Estate Marketing Experience

With Rahman Enclave, Khawar had the unique experience of developing an entire housing project's marketing materials, digital and conventional marketing strategy from scratch. 

Town Apartments Logo

As with Rahman Enclave, Khawar has developed all the Marketing Materials and branding content for Town Apartments, as a result the entire project has been sold out in 06 months!


Working as a freelance marketing consultant, Khawar has developed the presence of Scope Marketing. This firm is currently dealing with a number of housing projects as a sales and marketing partner. 

Working For Astronomy Awareness in Pakistan

Over the last 5 years, Khawar has been acting as the General Secretary of Pak Astronomers Islamabad

Recently Khawar has also started a new venture, by the name of Astro Adventures and also initiated the works for Islamabad Astronomy Society. Very soon he hopes that these initiatives will be working towards astronomy awareness and education, as well as outreach. The objective is to make Telescopes available for every child, so that children can learn the vastness of the universe, and instill in themselves the humbling experience that astronomy has to offer. 


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