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Certified conventional and digital marketing expert

Having a first hand experience, and demonstrate able experience of a skill is one thing, but being able to show your professional trainings and certifications means that not only does the professional understand how the entire process works, but also shows their competence at an international level. 

Being an expert at conventional and digital marketing, Khawar has over the years competed a number of certifications and trainings from a number of global brands. The following are some of the major accomplishments.

Google Digital Garage

Google digital Garage is the official learning portal of Google and Alphabet. Being a student of digital marketing, it was only natural that the process of learning had to start at the biggest digital marketing company in the world. 

Google gets more than 80% of the global search query market, that means if one can effectively advertise on Google search, they are 80% likely to catch their target market at the most opportune moment. That is, when the target market is actively looking for a product of service. Therefore, the importance of SEO and SEM can never be understated. Keeping that in mind, having a strong Google SEO and SEM strategy is key to success.

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Facebook (Meta) Trainings

Having over 5 years of experience of developing content, running paid ads, and developing communities for causes as well as informational subjects, Khawar has an excellent understanding of how Social Media Marketing. 

The following trainings have been completed by Khawar over the course of the previous few years, professional trainings are still under process.

Udemy Certificate for Social Media

Udemy Certificate for Social Media