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Rehman Enclave Islamabad is one of the best gated communities of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It has been developed keeping in view the requirements of the residents of the twin cities and it offers a number of advantage over its competitors. Rahman Enclave CDA NOC Approved housing project, is the only one in Zone IV of Islamabad to get its NOC and till date there have been no issues regarding the NOC Status of Rahman Enclave. 

Approved in 2019 as a housing society it was formally awarded NOC from CDA at the end of the year. The project was able to obtain its layout plan approval much earlier, back in 2017. The project has been developed by Bin Abdur Rahman (Pvt) Ltd. Which is a local business group having its roots at the main Lehtrar Road, and belong to the area. What make Rehman Enclave unique is that the owners and founders of the project trace their family roots to this location, and have been living in this area for decades. 

Key Businesses of Bin Abdur Rahman Group:


Projects such as Park View City, and Bahria Enclave are located too far away, and the drive time to such housing projects is over 30 Minutes. If you are driving from any key location of Rawalpindi or Islamabad, it takes over half an hour to drive to Bahria Enclave. Similarly, if you are driving to Park View City from any key location of Islamabad or Rawalpindi, it will take over 30 minutes to reach your destination.

Rehman Enclave Islamabad is only 10 minutes drive from every key location of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. That is, it is within a short driving distance of both the twin cities. Rahman Enclave enjoys dual access from both Islamabad Expressway and the Park Road. Which means that commuters coming from Serena Chowk, Bani Gala and adjoining areas can easily take the Park Road and reach Rahman Enclave. Similarly, people who are coming from Expressway and Rawalpindi, can get access to Rahman Enclave from Lehtrar Road via the Khanna Interchange. The dual access of Rahman Enclave makes it an ideal living location. 


    • Situated on main Lehtrar Road, only 1.5 KMs from Islamabad Expressway.
    • Less than 5 minutes drive away from main Islamabad Expressway.
    • Adjacent to Ghori Town, Islamabad. 
    • Only 5 minutes drive from Gulberg Greens.
    • 15 Minutes drive from Kashmir Highway (Srinagar Highway) and Zero Point. 
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Rahman Enclave
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A gated community like no other in Islamabad. Rahman Enclave has CDA NOC, and all facilities such as SNGPL Sui Gas, Electricity and water supply are functional.

Rahman Enclave Islamabad

Rehman Enclave is a CDA NOC Approved gated community located in Islamabad. The project has been awarded NOC status by not just CDA but also by every relevant law enforcement agency and entity, such as IESCO, SNGPL and EPA. The project is spread over 700 Kanal, and has dual access from Islamabad Expressway and Park Road, via Lehtrar Road. The main entrance of the project is approximately 1 KMs from the main Islamabad Expressway Khanna Interchange. For details about the project you can visit its website on www.rahmanenclave.com.

Logo of Rahman Enclave

Rahman Enclave Logo


The logo of Rahman Enclave was designed back in 2016, at that time the requirement of the logo was to reflect the essence of a housing project as well as keep in mind that the project will have residential as well as commercial projects. 

The management of the project wanted the logo to have an octagonal representation, therefore the logo was developed to reflect the future of the project as well as the fact that it will have both residential as well as commercial centers. 

Today Rahman Enclave is a vibrant and lively gated community with the best life style experience in Islamabad. 

You can visit the project at any time, or visit their website here.

Over time Rahman Enclave has evolved to be the most secure gated community, offering its residents a gated life style that was never offered before at such a close distance from Islamabad. 

For details about available plots, you can contact the sales team of the project on their UAN Number 03-311-111-011.

Project facilities

Having NOC Approval from CDA, the project has been developed keeping in view the requirements of residents. The society has been made as such, that the residents do not need to travel outside of the gated compound for their basic needs. 

Family parks and sports complex

Rahman Enclave has a total of 2 family parks, and a dedicated sports complex for the residents. These facilities are free for all residents and plot holders of the project. 

Site for school

A spacious site has been dedicated for the construction of a purpose built, state of the art school in the near future. The school will be spread over an area of 8 Kanals, and the school will cater to the needs of the entire housing project for times to come. 

Rahman Enclave CDA NOC Approved Housing Society

Rahman Enclave is the only CDA NOC Approved project on Lehtrar Road, Islamabad. The NOC has been obtained as per the urban planning and design developed by The Urban Solutions, the master planning consultants of Rahman Enclave.

For details and current status of the NOC of Rahman Enclave you can visit the CDA Website with this link which gives the details about NOC as well the layout plan of the entire project. 

The Brand Story - Marketing Evolution of Rahman Enclave

The first booklet of the project was designed back in 2016, and over the years this booklet has been used in various ways. 

The contents of the booklet were developed with close coordination with the management of Rehman Enclave. The design was done by hiring an outside resource, and hence begun the story of the evolution of a brand. 

A real estate project like no other, which would go on to generate more than a Billion in sales revenues!

Rahman Enclave Booklet Front
Rahman Enclave Booklet Image, second page.
Rahman Enclave Booklet

Although designed back in 2016, the first information booklet of Rahman Enclave was designed to provide information about the project, and the overall planning for the entire decade. The booklet was designed keeping in view the future requirements of the project and has the following salient features. 

  • Designed for a general audience. 
  • 16 Pages in total 
  • Easy to read and simple language
  • Printed with UV on 350 Gram card
Rahman Enclave
To view the Payment Plan of Rehman Enclave, 
please click here.
Payment Plan of Rahman Enclave
Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy that was followed by Rahman Enclave was very different from what is usually practiced by housing projects.

The project was not directly marketed until it was ready for possession. 

Another one of the key differences was the fact that the plots were given on lump-sum basis. Instead of giving installment plans for Rahman Enclave, the plots were marketed on full payment basis. 

The difference in approach of the developers was the key factor. To read more about the developers, please visit the website link below.

Bin Abdur Rahman Group Website
Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing of Rahman Enclave was initiated back in 2016. The First step was the creation of the website of the project. 

To visit the project site click here.

Social Media Marketing

The social media presence of Rahman Enclave was developed by the Marketing team back in 2016. In 2019, the paid social media marketing campaign was initiated. 

Out of Home Advertising

ATL advertising was used after 2019, before that the entire campaign and marketing effort of Rahman Enclave was managed via digital channels only. 

Sales Management

As with any strategy, the outcome is always to generate more sales. The entire effort was given fruit by the Sales Team, lead by Mr. Shams Ch.



Rahman Enclave Website

The website of Rahman Enclave was the first digital media asset that was developed for the project. The website has been designed using top of the line features, and has been update regularly. 

As with any digital media asset, it was very important to register the website with The Google Search Console. Apart from that, the website has been optimized for SEO and consistently ranks first on all search queries related to Rahman Enclave. 


Mosque Naseem Rahman Enclave

In today's world social media management is the key. 

Rahman Enclave is one of few housing projects which has developed its social media presence from scratch. This has been done over a period of almost 5 years. 

Taking the long road has been beneficial. The growth has been organic and there are over 30k followers on the projects' Facebook page today. 

Over the last few months, the page has reached an audience of over 1,000,000 each month! Generating up to 100 qualified leads! As Social is now the best tool for reaching your target market. The marketing team at Rahman Enclave has been developed to ensure that we can respond to any update in real time. 

To view the Facebook page of Rahman Enclave 

please Click Here.


Getting your message to a broad audience requires the use of every media available. Today, the media land scape is dominated by digital channels, marketing managers around the world are struggling to find the perfect balance between the spend on digital platforms and conventional ones.

One of the best media available for mass market advertising, is the Out of Home Media. Generally referred to as Bill Boards or Hoardings. these are essentially huge display sites. Generally speaking, an average billboard is of the size of 20x60 (20 feet height and 60 feet width).

Out of home advertising presents two challenges, one is the design of advertising images/messages at this scale and second is vendor management to ensure proper display and uptime. 

Being the Marketing Manager of Rahman Enclave, Khawar has vast experience of managing both these challenging aspects of out of home advertising.

Rahman Enclave Islamabad