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The Best SEO Services in Islamabad

Based in Islamabad, Khawar Ali Sher is a digital and conventional marketing expert offering services for SEO services in Islamabad. The SEO process has been developed in to an exact science, and now entails the deployment of specific strategies and tactics to achieve the business oriented results.

Simply put, SEO is the process by which you rank number organically, on the search results page. As Google gets more than 80% of the search queries globally, its only natural that most SEO efforts are targeted towards ranking on the number one, or first page of results for Google.

A Proven 6 Step Formula For SEO Success!

  • Step 1 - Technical SEO - Getting your site indexed and on Google!
  • Step 2 - On Page SEO - The advanced stuff from basic level
  • Step 3 - On Page SEO Part 2 - Headings, TOCs and Image Tags
  • Step 4 - Your Business Listings on Google Maps
  • Step 5 - The world of Backlinks and Off Page SEO
  • Step 6 - Measuring Results and Using Tools like Ahrefs, SemRush and MOZ

Step 1 - Technical SEO

The fundamentals of Technical SEO is getting your website registered with the Google Search Console service, and making sure that your website is indexed and crawled by the Google Search Bots. 

This process educates Google about the contents of your website, and enables your website to be read by Google when ever there are an chances or content enhancement to the website. 

The Google Search Console is the also the tool which gives your insights and reports about the performance of your website. For example, it shows you for which search terms and key words, your website was shown in the search results. It can also help you keep track of the progress of your SEO Efforts. The complete setup Google Search Console has a number of technical steps, that need to be done, for example updating the sitemap of your website, and first and foremost authenticating the ownership of your website. 

If you wish to register your website on the Google Search Console, or have any query related to SEO, please feel free to contact us at any time. SherCorp is a full spectrum digital and conventional marketing agency, providing top of the notch SEO services in Islamabad. 

Googel Search Console - SEO Services in Islamabad
Google Search Console Snap Shot
A sample Google Search Console Snapshot showing the search results, rankings, impressions and clicks for targeted key words for a particular website.

Step 2 - On Page SEO

Basics First. 

The first thing about developing your site, or if at any later stage you wish to rank your site, is to develop it with good "Keyword Rich content".

This is the first and most fundamental step towards building long term goals, for key word optimization and Search Engine Optimization. Developing content is not just limited to writing long blog posts, its also got to do with how you structure your page and how your develop its relevance to the key targeted key words. 

For example, this post is targeting to rank for a number of key words, and all of them are hidden in this post. To make it bit more obvious, let me tell you that I am one of the leading digital marketing experts in Islamabad, and that is how I showed you the keyword insertion in my content. 

In the case of this page, which we are developing at the moment, our target is to develop it for the key word "SEO Services in Islamabad" therefore the content has to developed around this key theme. 

Currently there are not many SEO services providers in Islamabad. Therefore, if you want to have your website optimized for SEO or if you wish to rank for a specific service, then contact us. We can help you with developing your websites content which will ensure your website is in the top rankings for your targeted key words. 

Step 3 - Image Tags, Headings and TOC Etc

Developing the contents of a long blog post can be time consuming, and the challenge can also be developing the content itself. The important thing to remember while doing this boring and tedious task is to make sure that your:

1. Your "Main Title Key Word" is in the Heading 1 or H1 Tag. 

2. All your subsequent headings are in the Heading 2 or H2 Tags or lower. 

If you can maintain the structure during developing your content, it will greatly help you in getting the best results from your content.

I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of getting your heading structure right, and placing all your secondary keywords in H2 tags! 

Another key element is the Table Of Contents, that can be inserted to give strucutre to your webpage and at times I have seen that it helps improve the readability score of your content and page overall. That being said, if the heading structure is not in place, then inserting the Table of Contents can become a challenge in itself. 

Step 4 - Business Listing on Google Maps

Another key way to get lots of good SEO points with Google is the development and ownership of your Local Listing or placing your businesses' accurate and authentic information on places like Google Maps. This way, the business shows up in search results way more often!

It can also help back linking score of the website! 

Another point that needs to be emphasized is the fact that video and images views in Google Search are often pikced up from the listing in Google Maps. Therefore, make sure that your business is correctly represented on the local business listing in Google Maps. 

Step 5 - The world of Backlinks and Off Page SEO

The second important component of a successful SEO Strategy is link building. Although linkbuilding has been around for ages, the fact that it still remains one of the strongest signals of the relevance and authority of a webpage, just simply cannot be denied.

Link building is a difficult process, yes it is not easy. In fact it is the single most difficult thing to do in the entire SEO process. It is also by far the most rewarding! Building links simply means this:

A link or back link is when another website points to your website, that is it. It is nothing more than a simple click able link on another website, to one of the pages on your website.
- Khawar Ali Sher

There are many tactics for building links, but after the Penguin update to Google's Algorithm, there are now a number of checks in place. So it is also some thing that needs to be done carefully, as spammy backlinks can lead to a penalty from Google and that can be a disaster for a good website that was other wise going to rank fairly decently. 

In order to develop good links, a number of tactics can be deployed, and as SherCorp is offering SEO Services in Islamabad, we can help your company develop its back-linking profile for its website.

This is a long process, and results are usually visible in a six month to one year window. Therefore the best way to go about is it to develop a consistent strategy and then implement it once and for all. The pricing for such a service as link-building can be very difficult to do, as the results are not immediately obvious. Therefore if you wish to understand how we can help you achieve your business goals, please get in touch with us. 

Step 6 - Using Tools like SemRush

There is no way to sugar coat this! You need tools like SemRush and MOZ to monitor your progress and get ideas about content, check the strategies being used by your competition and also simply to enjoy your own progress, but these tools are expensive, and I mean very! 

That being said, you have to get them! Select the one you like the best by getting free trial on them all, that alone will teach you a lot along the way. But Yes spend some money on the one you like the most!