World Space Week: AIR University Islamabad
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World Space Week: AIR University Islamabad

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, it was rare that we would get the opportunity to meet people, but despite all odds and the strict Covid SOPs put in place by the Islamabad Administration, as well as the AIR University, the students arranged a guest speakers session for celebration of the World Space Week 2020.

I was fortunate enough to be one of the guest speakers at the Session that was organized in Islamabad, in connection with the World Space Week. The event was held in the main auditorium of Air University, there were students, as well as teachers in the audience. Obviously due to the pandemic, not only was everyone wearing masks, but the attendance was also on the lower side. I remember, that back in 2019, we had held an Astronomy observation event at the AIR University, more than 500 students and teachers had attended that event!

This event was themed, Satellites and their role in modern communications. Being one of the key note speakers, I told the students that how over the years man's tools have improved, and how we have moved to better and better tools for observation of the universe. Today, in the shape of the Hubble Space Telescope, we have our eyes on the Cosmos. Soon, the James Webb Telescope will be another state of the art telescope in orbit around the world, that will enable us to peer deeper back in time, than ever possible before.

It is great to see that now, in Pakistan, there are many societies that are striving for the popularity of Astronomy. Apart from Lahore Astronomy SocietyIslamabad Astronomy SocietyKarachi Astronomy Society, the students of AIR University have also started their own venture. They have created the Air University, Astronomy Society and it is that entity which organized this event.