Islamabad Astronomy: Solar Eclipse 26 Dec 2019
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Islamabad Astronomy: Solar Eclipse 26 Dec 2019

On 26th December, 2019 a partial solar eclipse occurred which was visible form Islamabad, Pakistan. On that day, to observe the solar eclipse and to enable the general public to observe the eclipse using safe astronomy equipment, Pak Astronomers organized an observation session.

Astronomy enthusiasts from all over Islamabad joined the session which was attended by more than 100 people. The event was organized in F-9 Park, Islamabad. A number of methods were used for observing the solar eclipse and among them the projection method was most liked by all the visitors.

The next solar eclipse that will be visible from Islamabad will be in October 2022, so till that time, enjoy the images captured by our friends from Pak Astronomers

Solar Eclipses are caused when the Moon casts its shadow on the Earth. Residents of Islamabad were fortunate enough that proper solar equipment was available with the team for safe viewing of the solar eclipse. It is very important to mention here that, under no circumstances should one ever view the sun directly with the naked eyes, or through any other optical instruments. During the solar eclipse, safe methods such as the projection method was used to view. Along with that, Solar Glasses that were donated by Charlie Bates Foundation were also used.

Apart from this solar eclipse session, various astronomy observation sessions are organized by Khawar in and around Islamabad. To get in touch with him you can visit our Contact Us section.